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About Us

MABO is a home for Haitian children that have been orphaned or whose families are presently unable to provide for them. An acronym loosely translated from Creole, MABO stands for Movement and Action for the Benefit of Orphans. MABO is a safe haven in a country wracked by natural disaster, disease and economic despair. For Haitian parents, it is a blessed refuge where they can be assured that their children are safe until they are able to be reunited as a family. Our organization does not seek to place children for adoption, but to empower individuals and families to help themselves. By providing the tools and teaching necessary skills, it is our goal that they mature into independent and productive citizens in a country whose future so desperately depends upon them.

Opportunities for volunteer involvement and sponsorship with MABO are unlimited. Interaction with the children and staff in Haiti is welcomed as are sponsor visits to the home. Our mission is one of compassion; we are non-denominational, and welcome participation from anyone with an open heart and desire to help others.

our mission

is to nurture the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth of Haitian children.

our vision

is empowerment for an independent and sustainable future.

our creed

is kindness and compassion.

Our Story
Mabo's history

Our Story

MABO founder, Orel “Marco” Lisius was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti. He attended both primary and high school in Port Au Prince and is currently working on his law degree. Marco is the eldest of 9 children, thus his commitment to helping the youth of Haiti began within his own family at a very young age. Although his parents had very modest resources themselves, they instilled in their children the importance of education, hard work, and giving back to the community. In addition to his work with MABO, Marco is also a professional guide and translator, leading various relief groups and humanitarian efforts.


In 2008, while working with a nonprofit organization aimed at breaking the cycle of disease caused by contaminated water, Marco and his team were made aware of the appalling conditions for children and orphans in particular.

It was at this time that Marco and his respected family felt their calling to provide as best they could for several orphaned children that had been brought to their attention in Port Au Prince. Word of this action on their part traveled quickly, and before long, they had 30 children in their care, necessitating a dedicated home.

A few months later, members of the congregation of Advent Church in Cedarburg met Marco, and were moved by the efforts of the Lisius family. The small church agreed to support the orphanage as best as it was able with its limited resources and other missions. The continued support from the congregation is not a budgeted expense, yet it now supports virtually all of MABO’s operating expenses with the help of free will donations and fund raising. One hundred percent of all funds raised go directly to the orphanage, as Advent volunteers bear their own expenses to travel outside of the MABO Haiti Fund.


Our Team
Mabo's family

Our Team

Members of the MABO Team come from various backgrounds in the US and in Haiti. Our team which consists of teachers, nurses, public health professionals, financial planners, business experts, and parents brings skills and experience with their volunteerism. We work in the US to raise awareness and financial support, as well as to collect supplies to be sent to Haiti. Every six months, members of the US team travel to Haiti to deliver supplies and ensure the well-being of the children.


​On the ground in Haiti, we have a dedicated and capable staff that is dutifully committed to the safety and health of the children. The House-Parents at MABO are devoted to the children whom they care for as family; the children likewise feel a sense of belonging and attachment to their caregivers and their “brothers and sisters” within the home. This feeling of security is essential for children who have all experienced some form of trauma whether physical or emotional. Despite limited resources, MABO is a nurturing oasis of laughter, joy, and love.

In addition to the MABO team, teachers at the school are also aware of the special circumstances of our children.  They are given frequent evaluations to determine their emotional health, their academic progress, and social skills;  all of which are vital for development into healthy and productive adult​

Our Kids
the passion

Our Kids

MABO is currently home to 30 children ages 3-18. Many of the children were brought to the home by parents or family, desperate for their children to be safe and nourished. Several others were rescued from child slavery, abusive situations, attempted suicide, and life on the street. MABO has embraced each of these children, restoring health and hope for the future. To date, several children and sibling groups have been reunited with their families who have reestablished stable home environments. In addition, several children have aged-out of the orphanage which is bound by Haitian law to release children once they have reached age 18. For these children, MABO still offers school tuition and also checks in with families to verify their stability and well-being.

In Haiti, many children do not have the opportunity to attend school, and fewer still continue beyond second grade. Education is a central focus at MABO, as it is the key to the future for these children and the country of Haiti. Currently, there is a primary school within the orphanage, and we are proud to report that twelve of our children have passed the exam to enter secondary school. These students are attending a private school outside of the orphanage, as well as learning practical skills such as auto mechanics, and sewing. Education entails substantial costs, and secondary school requires tuition, as well books and uniforms. Vocational training and college are opportunities that we also hope to provide, but will necessitate significant additional funding as well.

We believe that no matter where a person comes from, each should have the fundamental right and ability to pursue their dreams. We also know that children are born with the universal qualities of hope and optimism. We have made a commitment to foster those dreams and empower these children to achieve their goals of becoming teachers, doctors, artists, and capable citizens.

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Get Involved

get involved

Currently, MABO is supported by the congregation of Advent Church in Cedarburg, Wisconsin as well as Faithbridge Church in Franksville, WI. While the small congregation supports the children as best as it is able, limited resources urgently necessitate our partnership with additional sponsors. MABO is non-denominational, welcoming all individuals, businesses, or organizations with a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of children.

Outstanding stewardship makes MABO unique in that 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to the children’s home; volunteers bear all expenses for travel and administration. MABO is a 501c3 meaning all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

About every 6 months, a group travels to MABO to complete projects. If you would like more information about travel please indicate that in the contact section! 

contribute to mabo

​​​​​​​​​​​To make a tax deductible contribution:


Please make checks payable to:

Children's Home of Haiti - MABO

3954 Scenic Way

Franksville, WI 53126

Venmo donations are also accepted. 


contact us

Ask away! We are happy to answer any and all questions you have.

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Advent Church


Advent Church
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