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About Us

About Us

MABO, which stands for Movement and Action for the Benefit of Orphans, is a sanctuary for Haitian children who have lost their parents or whose families are unable to support them. The organization provides a safe space in a country that has been plagued by natural disasters, diseases, and economic turmoil. Parents can be rest assured that their children are being cared for until they can be reunited as a family. MABO does not aim to place children up for adoption, but to empower individuals and families to take care of themselves. Through teaching necessary skills and offering the right resources, it is MABO's mission to help children grow into independent and productive citizens who will shape Haiti's future.

Our Mission

is to nurture the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth of Haitian children.

is empowerment for an independent and sustainable future.

is kindness and compassion.

Our Vision

Our Creed

Our Story

Our Story

The founder of MABO, Orel "Marco" Lisius, was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti. He completed his law degree and is committed to helping the youth of Haiti. Marco is the eldest of nine children and was instilled with the values of education, hard work, and community service by his parents despite their modest resources. Marco is also a professional guide and translator, leading numerous relief groups and humanitarian efforts.


In 2008, while working with a nonprofit organization aimed at breaking the cycle of disease caused by contaminated water, Marco and his team were made aware of the appalling conditions for children and orphans in particular.

Marco and his family heard the call of their hearts, urging them to support some orphaned kids in Port Au Prince. The word spread like wildfire, and soon, they found themselves taking care of 30 little ones! You can imagine the chaos. So, they sprang into action and created a safe home, MABO.

A few months after meeting Marco, members of the Advent Church in Cedarburg, WI were inspired by the Lisius family's commitment to the orphanage. Despite their limited resources and other missions, the small church pledged to assist the orphanage in any way they could. As word of MABO spread, more people and organizations became involved, and support now comes from across the United States.

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Our Team

Our Team

The MABO team comprises three board members, Carla, Tim, and Dale, and a treasurer, Diane. Supporting members include teachers, nurses, public health professionals, financial planners, business experts, and pastors who volunteer their skills and experience. The team works in the US to raise awareness, funds, and supplies to be sent to Haiti.


​Our staff in Haiti is highly dedicated and skilled, working tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of the children. The House-Parents at MABO exhibit an unwavering commitment to the children they care for, treating them like their own family. The children, in turn, feel a sense of belonging and attachment to their caregivers and the fellow children within the home, which is crucial given the traumatic experiences they have endured, whether physical or emotional. Despite the organization's limited resources, MABO serves as a nurturing haven, fostering an environment of happiness, laughter, and love.

Our Kids

Our Kids

MABO is currently home to 19 children ages 3-18. Many of the children were brought to the home by parents or family, desperate for their children to be safe and nourished. Several others were rescued from child slavery, abusive situations, attempted suicide, and life on the street. MABO has embraced each of these children, restoring health and hope for the future. MABO has reunited several children and sibling groups with their families, who have established stable home environments. The organization provides school tuition and periodic check-ins to ensure the families' stability and well-being. The children have aged-out of the orphanage due to Haitian law, while others have completed an apprenticeship upon reaching 18.

In Haiti, many children do not have the opportunity to attend school, and fewer still continue beyond second grade. MABO emphasizes education as a means to a better future for the children and the country. The students attend school and learn practical skills such as auto mechanics and sewing. Education is costly, requiring tuition, books, and uniforms. Providing vocational training and college will require significant additional funding.

We believe that no matter where a person comes from, each should have the fundamental right and ability to pursue their dreams. Our pledge is to nurture these dreams empowering them to soar to great heights as teachers, physicians, mechanics, artists, and agents of change.

Bovens' Story

Bovens moved to Mabo when he was 4 years old. Growing up at Mabo, he developed a keen interest in fixing things and went on to complete a mechanic apprenticeship.


In his spare time, he practiced English and math skills, especially while the volunteers were visiting. Currently, Bovens is working as a "handy man" at Mabo and enjoys playing soccer with the children.


Get Involved

Get Involved

Bringing Hope to MABO Children's Home

MABO is a non-profit organization that has garnered support from individuals and groups across the United States, including states such as Wisconsin, California, and Texas. Our unique approach to stewardship ensures that 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to the children's home while our volunteers bear all expenses for travel and administration. As a 501c3 organization, all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Join us in making a difference in these children's lives.

Travel Plans to MABO
Before the pandemic, the team used to travel to MABO every six months to complete projects. However, in July 2023 the United States government issued a "Do Not Travel" warning to Haiti, citing widespread kidnapping, crime, and civil unrest. Fortunately, we have a dedicated team of leaders, Mirlande, Rony, and Michelaure, who reside on the property and provide excellent care for the children.

Contribute to MABO

​​​​​​​​​​​To Make a Tax Deductible Contribution:


Please make checks payable to:

Children's Home of Haiti - MABO

3954 Scenic Way

Franksville, WI 53126

Venmo donations are also accepted. 

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Contact Us

Ask away! We are happy to answer any and all questions you have.

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